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Welcome to my home on the web. I am so glad you stopped by. Come on in – make yourself at home. I look forward to getting to know you.

If you found this website, you are here for a REASON. You may have found me accidentally or you may have followed a link from a friend; regardless of how you arrived – you got here and I’m so glad you did.

Let me introduce myself – my name is Sandy Walker. I established this site because there are so many people who are looking for freedom. Some feel spiritually oppressed or harassed. Some feel tormented by their emotions or thoughts that they can’t seem to control. Does that sound familiar?

For years, I battled with negative feelings that made me feel AWFUL! I was miserable. Always worried about the future, about what other people were thinking about me, about whether I was accepted or rejected by those I loved or wanted to be around. I also had a lot of questions about spirituality – I seem to sense things that no one else did. I felt weird for being “sensitive” and “spiritually attuned” – and I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy.

I’m guessing that you have had similar experiences and feelings – that’s why you found me. Those that need my help find me – because now I’ve got answers to share. After years of misery, I found Truth that sets me FREE. And now I am so happy and at peace. I have spontaneous JOY that just bubbles up for no reason. I am peace knowing that I am loved. I know my spiritual purpose in life and I know how to help others using my God-given gifts. I feel happy and secure about the future.

I’d like to help you. May I? Will you allow me to assist you on your path to freedom?

I work with people who are looking for answers. I don’t tell you what to do. I am the expert at what I do, but YOU are the expert on your life. Together we work through the questions you have and we find the answers that work for YOU. Truth brings freedom – every time! I promise. When you are looking for answers – you are looking for Truth.

Truth & Love are the most powerful forces in the Universe. We need both of them to be happy and successful in life.

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Sometimes people ask if I’m a counselor. The answer is yes and no. Yes, I offer wise counsel for those looking for guidance and support. No, I am not a licensed mental health counselor and my services are not usually covered by medical insurance. I do not offer individual or family counseling to treat a mental illness. Some of my clients see a reduction in their symptoms of anxiety or depression while they work with me as a coach, but I do not specifically treat those symptoms. I do not prescribe medication or give a diagnosis.  Coaching is for people who are coping well with everyday life, but are not happy. They want more from life – they want to be fulfilled in their job, their relationships and in their personal life. Counseling is more appropriate when there is a lot of pain and conflict, when you cannot face the challenges of everyday life.  If you are not sure whether you need coaching or counseling, feel free to call me. I can help you determine that and if you need a counselor, I know several I can recommend. 🙂