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Take Time Each Day for YOU!

“I love the simplicity of the exercises and how they work right away.” – Violet

30 Days to Freedom offers short daily exercises to set your heart free from
· feeling afraid or anxious,
· feeling like you don’t belong,
· feeling bad about who you are,
· feeling unable to break free from your past,
· feeling “stuck” in relationships and much more.

These exercises are simple to practice and only take a few moments each day. You can do one for each day of the month or pick and choose which ones are right for you. Great to use as a source for daily healing. Short vignettes help you see how the exercise applies in real life.

These exercises have changed the lives of many people. I challenge you to try it – see the results for yourself!

“I love the questions at the end of each section. They help keep me calm in stressful and unexpected circumstances.” – Susan

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Table of Contents
How to Use this Book
The Foundation: Forgiveness <— Click here to read an excerpt
1 Being Who You Really Are
2 Embracing Change
3 Free to Let Go
4 Free to Be Loved
5 Becoming Fearless
6 Free to Be Yourself
7 Forgiving Yourself <— Click here to read an excerpt
8 Dreams & Disappointment
9 Faith
10 Speak Freely
11 Clarity in Relationships
12 Breaking Free from the Past
13 Compassion
14 Inner Vows
15 Where Was God?
16 Being in Control (or Not)
17 Self-Criticism
18 Crisis of Faith
19 Boundaries <— Click here to read an excerpt
20 Mixed Feelings
21 Letting Yourself Down
22 Fear of Failure
23 Stress in Relationships
24 New Opportunities
25 You’re Not Alone
26 Feeling Overwhelmed
27 No More Rejection
28 Broken Relationships
29 Fear of the Unknown
30 Truth or Consequences
Resources for Further Growth
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I’m so glad you want to grow!

This book will help you take small steps each day to find personal freedom.

You won’t be disappointed – I promise.

Order today!

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“I love the simplicity of the exercises and how they work right away. I have also found myself using the exercises in my daily life even after completing the book.” – Violet, Amazon review


I have been keeping a journal for each chapter. It is giving me new understanding into why I do some of the things I do.” -JoAnne, Facebook post


“Sandy Walker tackles the subject of Personal Freedom with expertise and encourages the reader to take action in order to overcome negative thinking. Great self help book.” – John, Amazon review