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Below are books & videos that can help you find freedom from what holds you back on the inside – order today! 

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FTF 2nd Edition Cover websizeFreedom through Forgiveness: The Power of Forgiveness Can Change Your Life

The power of forgiveness can release you from

– feeling afraid or anxious,

– feeling bad about who you are,

– feeling unable to move forward in life,

– feeling “stuck” in relationships and much more.

Forgiveness is the power of LETTING GO. Most people struggle with wanting to forgive. You don’t have to wait for your feelings – you can choose to forgive as an act of your will. You will be amazed at the changes you will see in your life.

There’s also a Leader’s Discussion Guide for Freedom through Forgiveness. The Power of Forgiveness CAN change lives – you can help! This Leader’s Guide will help you lead a group in experiencing the freedom that forgiveness brings.


30 Days to Freedom Front Cover Kindle

30 Days to Freedom: Daily Exercises to Set Your Heart Free

These exercises are simple to practice and only take a few moments each day. You can do one for each day of the month or pick and choose which ones are right for you. Great to use as a source for daily healing. Short vignettes help you see how the exercise applies in real life.

These exercises have changed the lives of many people. I challenge you to try it – see the results for yourself!

“I love the simplicity of the exercises and how they work right away.” – Violet


Videos (free) – click hereYouTube Clip 1

Short, inspirational videos to help you find personal freedom from what holds you back … from truly enjoying your life, from fulfilling your destiny, from being able to give and receive love with all your heart.

Spiritual Training Course on Udemy: Developing a Close Relationship with God: A Simple Method – click here to preview this online video course





Training articles (free) click here

Many people have found freedom using these books and videos.

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