Here is a sampling of videos to help you find FREEDOM!
Short, inspirational videos to help you find personal freedom from what holds you back … from truly enjoying your life, from fulfilling your destiny, from being able to give and receive love with all your heart.

Spiritual Training Course on Udemy: Developing a Close Relationship with God: A Simple Method – click here to preview this online video course


Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

You can do the Step: Fear Finder with Sandy by watching this video – to learn more about Overcoming Anxiety, click here.



Forgiveness is an essential key to finding freedom. Let the Power of Forgiveness Change Your Life!

Why Forgive? Why should you even try to forgive someone?


Misconceptions about Forgiveness – Do you believe any of these “forgiveness myths”?

How to Forgive – Here’s the steps to take to let it go!

Action Step: Forgiving another person – Sandy leads you through the steps so you can be free! Go ahead – do the steps with her now … it’s easier than doing it by yourself. ♥

If you are tired of carrying around all that emotional baggage, contact Sandy! She can help you get rid of what is weighing you down so that you can be HAPPY and FREE inside!