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The Power of Forgiveness CAN Change Your Life

The power of forgiveness can release you from

  • feeling afraid or anxious,
  • feeling like you don’t belong,
  • feeling bad about who you are,
  • feeling unable to break free from your past,
  • feeling “stuck” in relationships and much more.

Forgiveness is the power of LETTING GO. Most people struggle with wanting to forgive. You don’t have to wait for your feelings – you can choose to forgive as an act of your will. You will be amazed at the changes you will see in your life.

I challenge you to try it – see the results for yourself!

Sandy’s book, Freedom through Forgiveness, provides easy to follow steps to help you work through personal issues and experience more joy, peace, love, self-acceptance and healthier relationships. Stories of people who have experienced significant change as a result of following the steps are included. Appropriate for both older teenagers and adults.

To read an excerpt, click here.

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“I have been doing the exercises little by little and I really like it. It is such an incredible experience – I feel such peace. I’m letting go of all those things that once hurt me. I love doing the exercises in this book!” – Rosa Z

“This is a book that gets to the heart of ‘”issues’” that bog us down in life. Each chapter is powerful and relevant with practical steps you can do immediately.” – Sam

“Reading through Sandy Walker’s book Freedom through Forgiveness, I became aware of a situation that has occupied my mind for several years. A family member responding to my advice reacted in a negative manner that angered me. The section in Walker’s book dealing with Forgiveness prompted me to take the steps to forgive, in my mind, that family member. Letting go of the anger bottled up in me all this time gave me spiritual freedom and a more fulfilling life.” Jason D

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Table of Contents

How to Use this Book
Forgiveness <— Click here to read an excerpt
Changing Your Mind
Step: Forgiveness Checker
Fear & Anxiety
Step: Fear Finder <— Click here to read an excerpt
Step: Rejection Reminder
Distorted Reality
Step: Lie Detector: Self Concept
Step: Lie Detector: Concept of Others
Step: Lie Detector: God Concept
Step: Soul Ties
The Power of Love
Step: Barrier Breaker
Stories of the Power of Forgiveness
Contact Info

To read an excerpt, click on the highlighted links for Forgiveness and Step: Fear Finder.

Start experiencing the freedom that forgiveness can bring you – order today!

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