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“Working with Sandy has been truly life-changing – one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! When I first reached out to Sandy I was tired of trying to answer the life daunting questions of “What’s my passion? What’s my life purpose? What direction should I go?” I felt confused, anxious and extremely frustrated with my career and professional life. This became a huge weight on my back and I needed to free myself from these feelings in order to move forward, something I would’ve never been able to achieve without her insight, optimism and guidance. Sandy gave me the best gift ever – CLARITY in my goals and INNER PEACE. In just a few sessions I experienced several major breakthroughs in both my personal and professional life. I have never felt so in touch with myself. I highly recommend her services.” – Laura P., Google review

Sandy has a gift in discerning what specific tools people need to help them overcome hindrances in life and how to get to the root of particular problems without requiring a history of their entire life. I have been to a few psychologists/psychiatrists and have found her process to be more effective. Sandy is down to earth, very reasonable and full of insight. She has helped me many times in tremendous ways.” – Heili C., Google review

I experienced a spiritual breakthrough as a result of coaching. I have a greater sense of peace; my fear dissipates pretty quickly. My family told me I’ve changed remarkably over the last 2-3 weeks. They notice how calm & patient I am now. Personally, I feel more passionate and purposeful in my daily life.  – Steve W.

After only two sessions, I started to feel happier as a result of following Sandy’s advice. I also set some healthy boundaries using an exercise that she taught me. That made me feel freer – no more pressure from people who were trying to manipulate me. I’ve changed so much in just a few weeks that even my landlord noticed how much happier I am! – Elaine P.

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“Coaching helped me clarify my values and determine how to live them out. This gave me greater acceptance of other people’s values and the way they express them.” – Dale M.

I use my coach as a sounding board. I like to talk to her – it helps me to process my thoughts. I need someone to listen without judging me so I can think through my options and make good decisions. – Lisa M.

“Working with Sandy was like going on an inner expedition for finding the lost true self buried deep inside. Through her guidance, I have been able to reframe my focus toward a present and a future where I am feeling free to live according to my values, my mission, my destiny. All in all, a personal foundation of inner strength from which to launch the next chapters of my life.” – Daniel T.

There’s been a noticeable change in me since I started coaching with Sandy. I feel more sure of myself. Others tell me that I seem more confident. – Linda F.


I’m feeling more optimistic and hopeful than I have been in years. Coaching really shifted my perspective and helped me redefine who I am and where I am going. – Tamara L.


“Sandy is expert in her field of Freedom Coaching. Her scientific approach, in examining and analyzing personal cases, guide her to practical and effective solutions.”  – John D., LinkedIn

“Sandy is very passionate about human relations, insightful when sharing intellectual information and very committed to empower others to achieve their potentials.” – Maria P., LinkedIn

“Sandy is able to ferret out your ‘secret’ obstacles to progress. Her understanding of human nature and applied psychology help you to set your goals. She helps you find the steps to achieve those goals, at your own pace. She helps you achieve the success you desire. She is on your side always, seeking to help you.” – Dolores D., LinkedIn

“Sandy is an amazing listener who deeply cares and values others. I have been fortunate to have known her for over 10 years. Sandy is an asset in my life. And with all confidence, I know that she will bring freedom to the lives of many.” – Lazarus. M., LinkedIn

“I have more peace and what I can have in exchange for my fear brings light and a joy to my life. I’m going to hold onto that exercise for future reference. Thank you for the resource.” – SR, website visitor, regarding the Overcoming Anxiety Step: Fear Finder

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I’m writing you to let you know that I have finished your book, Freedom through Forgiveness. Each day I read the book, I did the exercises. A lot memories came to my mind during that time, things that I had forgotten about. It was an incredible experience. I forgave friends from school, mom, dad, husband, friends. I forgave myself too. I can see now that this is a process and you have to go back to some of the exercises and do them again. I didn’t know that I had such pain in my heart. This was a great breakthrough for me.” – Roxana Z.

“Reading through Sandy Walker’s book Freedom through Forgiveness, I became aware of a situation that has occupied my mind for several years. A family member responding to my advice reacted in a negative manner that angered me. The section in Walker’s book dealing with Forgiveness prompted me to take the steps to forgive, in my mind, that family member. Letting go of the anger bottled up in me all this time gave me spiritual freedom and a more fulfilling life.” -JD

“I read and did all the exercises in your book and they helped A LOT!!” -PN

“I love the simplicity of the exercises and how they work right away.” – Violet


“I love the questions at the end of each section. They help keep me calm in stressful and unexpected circumstances.” – Susan

“This is a book that gets to the heart of ‘”issues'” that bog us down in life. Each chapter is powerful and relevant with practical steps you can do immediately.” – Sam