What Can I Expect from Coaching?

A Freedom Coach is someone who will help accelerate your personal growth so that you can find freedom from what stands in the way of your destiny. Most often what holds us back is not external circumstances, but internal obstacles that prevent us from moving forward into our purpose for being.

Most people have an intuitive sense that they are meant to do “more” with their lives, but they have no idea how to get there. That’s where a coach comes in. A coach helps you determine your direction and which steps you need to get there. A Freedom Coach listens to your heart, your struggles and your concerns – then plans a path with you to overcome your obstacles.

So many people are incredibly gifted and talented but don’t know how to demonstrate who they really are. Or they’ve been hurt and rejected so many times that they have given up trying. A Freedom Coach knows the territory of the heart where hidden pain resides and how to gently, diligently help you remove the stones and debris that block your path to wholeness.

Clients often remark on how amazingly simple the process is and yet how deeply rewarded they are for taking the opportunity to work with a coach.

One of Sandy’s specialties is Spiritual Growth and Direction. If you are experiencing a block, she is “spiritually attuned” and can help you develop a strong, loving connection with your Creator. She teaches you how to recognize spiritual direction and take action. She can also train you to avoid spiritual darkness and remove it. If you are afraid of things that you see, hear or sense spiritually, she can train you how to handle the information you receive and know what to do about it. She teaches you how to be safe spiritually, no matter what faith tradition or belief system you follow. She does not teach “religion” – she teaches you how to cultivate a satisfying spiritual connection with the Divine in a way that is understandable to YOU. If you are curious, here’s her spiritual background.


Free Consultation

The initial consultation is free. This is when you can meet Sandy Walker and get to know her style. She will ask about your interest in coaching and how she might be of service. By the end of the session, it will be clear to both of you whether or not there is a good fit for working together.

All appointments are confidential.

Individual, private sessions are conducted by telephone, in the daytime, evenings or on weekends. Appointments can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Each session is 60 minutes. Some people prefer to meet in person – this can be arranged, based on schedule availability.

After your initial consultation, you will meet with Sandy for a 1 hour session. Your first session will be to discuss what you are looking for in coaching – what goal do you want to focus on? You and she will decide together on what direction you want to take to pursue this goal. She does not tell you what to do – rather she advises you on how to accomplish what you want and whether or not your expectations are realistic. By the end of the first session, you and she will agree on some “homework” to help you start on the path you’ve decided.

Subsequent sessions allow you to continue to process the direction you wish to take. As you complete the steps toward your goal, you and Sandy will reassess where you are and what needs to be done. Just having someone to listen, as a sounding board, to your “crazy” ideas and dreams brings great relief. It also validates you – that you have a right to be YOU, with no apologies!

Having someone who meets with you regularly keeps you moving forward – you don’t get stuck in the busyness in life. You are motivated to accomplish the steps you want to take – setting goals and having someone keep you accountable is priceless!

Are you ready? Do you want to make some changes in your life? Then …

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Testimonials from Clients:  (read more here)

“It has made all the difference to achieving my goals that I was not alone. My coach (Sandy) was alongside to encourage and guide me to success & freedom.” – Laura H

“Thanks to Sandy, I found freedom when she enabled me to come out of my circumstances and deal with the heart of the matter.” – Maria C.